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The Ragtime Nightmare play forgotten jazz, misplaced blues and neglected rags.

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About The Ragtime Nightmare

Based in the wild nocturnal metropolis of Berlin, The Ragtime Nightmare have fuelled sweaty stomping dance parties with their distinctive brand of early hot jazz, grinding blues and bouncing ragtime for over 5 years.

Since 2016 these boys have seasoned their homemade songs with the sounds of the old ragtime string bands, the hot New Orleans brass jazz bands, the bluesy southern jug bands and the stomping western swing groups, and have mixed in everything from banjo and saxophone, to stride piano and twin fiddles. Their obsession is capturing and rearranging the sounds and moods of the old 78rpm records: they are inspired by such great artists as Jelly Roll Morton, Clifford Hayes, the Memphis Jug Band, Lionel Belasco and Milton Brown. The Ragtime Nightmare always enjoy entertaining a listening audience but their real intention is to make people get up off that thing and shake it!

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